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I've lived at Liberty Quarters for nearly three years now and have loved every minute of it! Being right downtown is awesome; being on the lower floor and having my own fenced grass yard is a terrific added bonus! Enjoy great views? Get your workout in the gym on the 6th Floor with an amazing view of the heart of downtown! I couldn't have made a better investment. There are tons of warm and friendly people living in the building, all of us enjoying high-end luxurious suites! You may regret it if you don't take part in this revitalization of The Quarters and have a wonderful place within a very short distance to everything you could need! It's simply wonderful in all respects!
- Stefan Sirdiak, Resident/Owner

Furnished Rentals Edmonton - Tips On

Renting A Furnished Suite In A New City

Depending on who you are, renting an apartment in a new city is going to be a different experience. The purpose of your trip in large part determines the type of apartment that you’re going to need. Sometimes you just need a place to stay for a while, during a period when your life is in transition. Other times you need to stay in a city for a month or two to seal a major business deal or to get some contract work done.


Whatever your reasons for needing the apartment, it’s important that you choose a furnished suite that directly answers your need. The key in this situation can often be to take your time and look for a provider that is capable of helping you out. Staying in a furnished suite is an excellent and economical way to travel if you are going to be staying for a long time, but it does require a certain amount of expertise to book the right accommodations.

Tips For Business Travelers


If you’re going to be in the city on business, than one of the main things that you’re going to be looking at is location. You’ll need to be able to easily get to the office or site where the majority of your work is going to be conducted and everything else is secondary. It’s also nice if you’re on business for there to be a small office, or even just a desk set up in the apartment so that you have a place to work when you get home. Another important consideration for those who are in town on business is parking. If the condo rental as an underground parking facility this could really make a big difference to your overall level of productivity and could save you a lot of money over time.


Tips For Temporary Living Situation


If you are moving your home and you are seeking a temporary living situation than once again your needs will be different. In this case the location of the apartment is still important, but for different reasons. Instead of looking for a furnished suite that is close to a particular locale, you should be looking for a suite that is in a nice neighborhood that is going to have enough shops and grocery stores for you to stock up on the supplies you need to spend a quiet and economical month or two in transition. You might even start to feel like part of the community so keep an eye open on more tranquil and out-of-the-way areas when this is going to be the purpose of your stay.


Tips For Vacationers


If you’re on vacation than luxury is going to play a role in which furnished suite you choose. A lot of times you are also going to be bringing your family or your pets along with you, so it’s important that you find a condo that can accommodate you. It’s also nice to be nearby some of the city’s major attractions, its fine dining areas, its sports complexes or any venue that you might be interested in going out to. You’ll also want a situation where you have to spend a minimal amount of time doing your own cleaning. After all, you’re going to be on vacation so it’s important that you can spend the majority of your time having fun.


If you’re looking for furnished rentals Edmonton but are concerned about finding the one that is right for you, don’t be. We are offering a wide array of furnished rentals Edmonton and we would be happy to show you what we have available. Contact us now for more information on our furnished apartments or call to book one today.

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